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August 1st, 2010 Posted in 5 tar credit card services

Are gas-rebate credit cards a good deal? - MSN Money
A perfect example is MBNA's AAA credit card. The card was once extremely popular -- you got a 5% rebate on all of your gas purchases. Then the issuer .

6 top-rated gas-rebate cards - MSN Money
Some gas-rebate credit cards can do just that. . If you're driving a 20-mpg car 15000 miles a year on $4 gas, a 5% rebate would save you $150. But the wrong .

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Current Mortgage Rates offered through 5 rebate credit card:

HSBC Bank 5% Cash Back Rebate Credit Card
Aug 24, 2006 . HSBC Bank has released HSBC's version of the Citi Dividends credit card. The Direct Rewards Platinum MasterCard gives pays a ...

5% Reward Cards.... A comprehensive list!
Below you will find a comprehensive list of credit cards which earn at least 5% . Shell Gas MasterCard- 5% rebates @ Shell and Jiffy Lube, .

AARP Credit Card: Unlimited 5% Cash Rebate on Everything for 6 ...
Feb 5, 2011 . Credit Card Watcher - Keeping an eye on the best credit card offers . Citi CashReturns card: an unlimited 5% cash back rebate on all .

The Best Gas Rebate Credit Cards - Credit Card Watcher
Card, Gas Rebate, Tiered? Other Rebate, Rebate Cap, Credit .

Best Restaurant Credit Cards - Earn 5% Rebate
Using the right credit cards to pay your restaurant bills can save you as much as 5% rebates when you dining out. Read and Compare the list of best restaurant .

Cash Back Rewards Credit Cards Offers, Study and Guide by Ask Mr ...
The DiscoverŽ More Card is another great cash back credit card which offers cardholders the chance to earn 5% rebates on various categories each quarter .

Credit Card Menu: Cash Rebate Credit Cards
Some credit cards offer flat percentage off on all your expenses. Other credit cards offer variable cash rebates like 1% on all purchases, but up to 5% rebate on .

Best 11 Gas Credit Cards Offering Cash Rebates
2 days ago . Most gas cards offer a 2-5% rebate at gas stations and 1% back on other . The benefits of gas credit cards are huge as they let you lower the .

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